Cat-tails, pussywillows, an exercise in texture

I went over to the local stream a few days ago and took some shots of the cat-tails, pussy willows, and what-not. Of course, it’s not season for either of these, being early January in Colorado as I write this post. This little stream has some history, being the site of the short-lived Russellville gold strike. In 1858, the William Green Russell party found small amounts of flour gold, which contributed to the 1859 gold rush to Colorado Territory. I can see the Russellville Ranch from my front door. It’s about 200 yards (meters) from my front door. Russell founded a settlement on one side of Cherry Creek and William Larimer founded one on the other side. The two merged and became Denver. Well that’s miles away from here; and a long time ago. Higher up in the mountains, Russell also founded Russell Gulch, near what’s now Black Hawk and Central City. My wife’s family were among the first to put a saloon and gambling casino up there; if it could be called that back then. Russellville and Russell Gulch are abandoned now; though last I heard, Denver’s doing quite well. Black Hawk and Central City remain casino towns. Great buffets, if you’re into that sort of thing.

But I digress…

Back to the marsh, I took several shots at slightly different exposure settings, camera angles, lens settings (some macro, mainly narrow depth of field), and et cetera. I did RAW conversion in Capture One (v6.3.3) and used Grubba Software’s TrueGrain for B&W conversion. All the images were brought into Photoshop subsequently, and several were also processed with Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro (v2) to add some toning, or to enhance dynamic brightness, soft contrast, or fine structure, selectively.

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